Things To Consider: Choosing A Paint By Numbers Design

Artful Addict Blog Choosing A Design TO Paint

So you’re excited by the idea of jumping into the world of paint by numbers and you’ve browsed the myriad of beautiful designs, the question is, “is there anything I need to consider when choosing a design?”

Enjoy The Process

Well, this all comes down to how simple or complex you want your painting experience to be. When selecting a design, most people are attracted by the aesthetics of the finished painting but paint by numbers is just as much about the process as it is about the finished product.

It’s All In The Detail

The simple fact is, the more intricate the finished product looks, the more likely the canvas will contain many small areas that will require painting in order to bring out those finer details. Of course, don’t let this be a deterrent as the beauty of paint by numbers is that anyone of any skill level can do it.

At best you might need a steady hand and an eagle eye as the numbers in those smaller sections can be harder to see. Don’t worry though, if you do go over the lines, you can easily paint over your mistakes. To help with seeing the numbers, we find that using a mobile phone camera and zooming in helps! Or you can be old-school and use a magnifying glass :) You can also check out some more tips & tricks in our other blog.

Complexity Of Colours

How colourful a design is can also impact on how simple or complex it is to paint, but don’t be fooled into thinking that an overly colourful design is necessarily more complex than one with less colours.

A great a example of this would be our series of colourful animal designs such as King of the Jungle, Curious Cat or Man’s Best Friend. These are wildly colourful designs however the canvas design is quite simple considering there are large patches of the same colour. In fact we’d recommend these for anyone wanting to start out with paint by numbers, not to mention that they’re also extremely popular in general.

Matching Decor

If you are planning on having your painting framed and/or displayed around the house, then you may want to consider whether the design theme or colour scheme will match your existing home decor. After all, the hours (possibly days) you spent painting shouldn’t go to waste. We always find it hilarious to see our friends’ disbelief after showing them our finished paintings around the house, little did they know that anyone can paint a masterpiece. Well, they do now!

There Are No Rules

At the end of the day remember there’s no hard and fast rule and we’re sure you’ll enjoy painting by numbers regardless of your selection. So roll out that canvas, dip those brushes and start painting :)