Therapeutic Benefits Of Paint By Numbers

Artful Addict Blog Therapeutic Benefits Of Paint By Numbers

    There is no doubt that in today's world, everyone is all about the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Before you know it, you find your mood has changed and stress levels have increased which if remains unchecked, can eventually affect your health.

    As we live our days on autopilot it becomes easy to forget that sometimes we need to slow down and take a breather. Of course this isn't meant to be a medical blog nor do we claim to be health experts but we do know what stress and anxiety feels like. 

    Painting by numbers definitely lets you zone out and escape into your own world and can be considered another form of art therapy (not to mention that it can be an extremely fun hobby).

    If you haven't tried it before, don't worry it's never too late to start. We found that paint by numbers have impacted us in the following ways:


    • Anxiety
    • Stress
    • Depression


    • Mindfulness
    • Focus
    • General mental health