Paint by numbers tips & tricks

Check out some of the tips below to make your paint by numbers experience a little easier.

  • If your canvas is creased or stays rolled up due to the way it was shipped, lay down the canvas faced down on a towel and spray mists of water on the back of the canvas to moisten it. Then using an iron set to medium heat, iron the back of the canvas whilst ensuring you are constantly moving it to prevent the canvas from being scorched.
  • To help prevent your canvas from moving around whilst painting, you can use masking tape to stick it to the table.
  • Paint 1 color at a time, we recommend starting on the dark colors first and then move onto the lighter ones.
  • Clean your brushes with water between colors and after every use.
  • Water down the paint if its too thick, its best to do this by adding a dab of paint on the underside of the container lid and then adding 1 or 2 drops of water so you aren't watering down the whole container of paint.
  • Turn the painting around if it helps you to paint around sections to avoid smudging the paint with your hands as it is still drying.
  • Most important of all, take breaks throughout the process. There is no need to rush so don't feel you need to complete the painting in 1 sitting.